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Tropical Fruit Breakfast Smoothie

For kids who can’t help but have an awkward grip on their writing utensils, have them hold a cotton ball or small rubber ball between ring and pinky fingers.

I've written about brush calligraphy being defined by its distinct thin and thick strokes. I've shared my favorite brush pens and how they work to create brush calligraphy. But some of you are stil...

That BIG pause before the.... DUH moment!!! I REALLY like the idea, go to the middle east and do that!!!! then we may actually care about what you think and feel lead to preach!

US Should Not Only Defund UN But Withdraw From It Let’s take our $3 billion and go.

In Government, there are no "accidents". Only Plans that are executed or not executed. All the Money, Medicine, Food, Guns and Ammo that were an "accident"...were really planned support for ISIS, ISIL, HAMAS or whatever the terror group is calling itself today. They serve the same purpose: Kill anyone who does not follow their god. <little 'g' intentional.>