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I loooove this because, while we master one concept, there are so many more to grasp, that we can always call ourselves....masterpiece work in progress -young and old. Happy family day to all.

4/10/15 11:53p Primitive That's Right, Dear, Our Ancestors had Tails 6/8/11 display operators

How to Be Happy Single - Being single doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Some people feel like they constantly have to be in a relationship or with someone. These people are missing out on the advantages that single life has. There are some points to be happy single 1. Put Yourself First 2. Focus On Self-Improvement 3. Meet New People 4. Go On Your Own Adventures

20 Quotes You Need to Read if You’re Battling Insecurity

None of us are immune to the grips of insecurity. It's a battle of the mind—how we view ourselves affects the actions we take in our lives. From Moses to Gideon to David and throughout the Bible, we see many ancient heroes fighting the mindset of insecurity. If you find yourself in combat against the lies you tend to believe about yourself, here are a few quotes, realities and prayers to keep at the forefront of your mind. Was

The trip to rediscovering myself has been a challenge. I'm far from perfect but I can definitely say I'm no where near where I was. Its taking time. I have slipped and used but in the process it reminds me time again. I deserve better. And someone out there is counting on me. Never give up people! It's a struggle you'll be thankful for one day.