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Toontastic: storyboard program. Great for visualizing plot development or letting students create (complete with own audio recordings)their own stories

Working with an Angry Student

From time to time it is going to happen. When you work with tiny humans, or large ones for that matter, invariably there will be a point…

First Day of School Stations - Back to School Activity

First Day of School Stations - Back to School ActivityUsing stations on the first day of school sets the tone for the year. Show students that they will be out of their seats, engaged in learning, and collaborating with classmates in your classroom. These six stations, some group tasks and some independent tasks, are intended for completion within a 45-minute period.

Class List Generator

Quickly make cute class lists. This freebie auto fills your students after typing them into a master list once. LIKE MAGIC!

Goal Setting & Data Portfolios for First – Sixth Grades

SMART Goal Setting in elementary school. Help students set SMART goals by setting strategic, measurable goals with an action plan that are realistic and timely. Included are data binders, goal setting forms, reflection pages and much, much more. | Student Directed Learning | Data-driven Education | Teaching Metacognition | Creating Student Buy-In | Teaching Personal Responsibility