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Toontastic: storyboard program. Great for visualizing plot development or letting students create (complete with own audio recordings)their own stories

Taking Notes is never the same again with Notability App - handwriting, typing, drawing, voice, photo, video; collaborate, annotate on PDF, notes, pictures; and many sharing options. #kidsapps

I have put together a Google Chrome App and Extension Database for Teachers and Students that is loaded with apps and extensions for productivity and classroom integration. I found a #GoogleChrome Gold Mine! #googleedu Click To Tweet The Chrome Apps & Extensions Database For a while, I have kept a list of my favorite apps …

Independent reading! Reading apps and reading websites for kids. Do your students have access to quality, digital text? Students with digital devices in their hands should know where to go to access digital texts. There are many websites and apps where students can go to find high-interest, leveled content to read.

I’ve shared some of my favorite apps to teach coding skills and if you’re looking to add to your own list definitely take a look at Swifty. This iOS app includes quick tutorials to introduce users to the Swift programing language. From the basics to more complex tasks, this app can help students build a foundation for understanding Swift. Swifty is free to download and lets users unlock all chapters for $3.99.... Read Article →

Lets you make and use flashcard sets online for free. You can also search their database and often find pre-made flashcards for your textbook or course.

Engage your students in the modern world through art integration. Let students create their own "app" and add it to a classroom "ipad"

15-02-2017: Here we are Day 008. Fun fact eight is my favorite number...Wait why would that be fun? Idk....Let's get back to the day itself. I did the normal stuff. Went to uni then to the library and now back home. Classes were okay-ish...Not too interesting today. - Spent my time diving into Homestead and Vagrant for Laravel. For now I'm just using Artisan to serve my app but would like to know these also. - Currently using a laptop I got from the uni. Software students are allowed to…

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