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Kristen Bell Answers Your Questions!

Kristen Bell: Working out for me has nothing to do with body image—I refuse to look in the mirror and hate myself. My goal isn't to change my body; it's to make my body happy.

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Mom's Badass Underwear Post Shuts Down Harmful Body Image Comments

"My goal is to regain my core strength and endurance ... I'm not worried by how my body looks, only how it functions ... it can be pretty badass."

jazzythingsOh look, a picture that isn't defined by shredded abs, a promotion of skinny tea, or a contorted body image with a caption that hides what's really going on... My goals are to be strong as hell. To be HEALTHY. To FEEL great. Rules are stupid. My nutrition is very consistent during the week, and I fuel my workouts properly. A couple days a week I enjoy going out to eat . I have hard as hell powerlifting workouts 6x/week. I also run a few miles a week. No extremes in any direction…

Who's in? I hope I can inspire you with my story. Throughout my life I've battled myself over my body image. I've allowed myself to miss out on life and doing things with my friends and family because I was ashamed of how I looked. About a month ago I had enough. I made myself a priority. In the past 23 days I have lost 15 pounds. More importantly I'm a different person. I know that I still have a journey ahead of me but that I am now on the right track and will reach my goal . I've learned…

Cheryl Burke. They say when your trying to lose weight or get fit to have a visual and set realistic goals. This image of Cheryl Burke is my goal image.

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My Daughter Can Never Know I Think I'm Fat

I never want my daughter to know that at any given moment, I see myself as 5-10 pounds shy of my goal weight. And happiness. And I never want her think that a natural part of being a woman is living in a chronic low-grade fever of body dissatisfaction.