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Wine Aroma Wheel

Doesn't it just drive you crazy when you smell something in the wine, and you know that you know what it is, but you can't come up with the word? Wine Aroma Wheel to the rescue! This is one of my all-time favorite tools. I actually had this wheel ...

The Art of Tea Tasting

This can be a bit of a challenging step at first, so as a form of training wheels, ltake a look at this image of a flavor wheel (courtesy of My Wine World), which provides a wonderful starter set of words that you can use to describe your teas:

Fruity With A Hint Of Bologna: A Slacker's Guide To Wine Tasting

Most of what we taste in wine comes from its aroma. We give you the necessary tips in our slacker's guide to #wine tasting.

Wine and Cheese

This poster makes me want to host a wine and cheese tasting party. Maybe I will actually go on a tour of a local winery with my sister like we have said several times we should do. At any rate, it’s a great look at what to pair with what for a picnic, special dinner, …