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Chili Dogs with Cheese! #AllstarsHormel #ChiliNation Thanks HORMEL® for providing the product!

Chili Dogs with Cheese-A Family Favorite! #AllstarsHormel #ChiliNation Thanks HORMEL® for providing the product!

Baked Chili Hot Dogs hit the spot last night!! Thanks HORMEL® for providing the product! #AllstarsHormel #ChiliNation #AllrecipesAllstars #MyAllrecipes

These saucy ground beef sandwiches are a favorite with kids. Chili powder and hot pepper sauce provide a mild kick to this quick and easy recipe.

The 6 Best BBQ Recipes For Your Fontana Race Day Party @Foxsports.

Waffles I | "Great receipe. Waffles were light, fluffy, taste great, and rather easy to make. A winner!"

Over the Top Nachos | Ground beef is the key to these hearty classic nachos. It's generously spread over the chips before cheese and toppings.

Spaghetti alla Carbonara: the Traditional Italian Recipe I "This isn't the Italian-American version, it's the real, creamy carbonara and it comes right from Italy, where I live."

Hot Tamale Pie I "A hit in our house. We do like it on the spicy side."

Hearty Caesar Salad I "This Caesar salad does not mess around. It has everything in great amounts to make it an extremely flavorful and sustaining side dish (or meal in itself)."