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Great Queen Nefertari and Nesi (Pharaoh) Ahmes I (Ahmose I), 18th Dynasty, New Kingdom

A picture of the Melanin Science and Spirituality encoded in black DNA. Wake up! Know your worth! We are the complete African all cultures all tribes in one! We are the coming of God's people! Be awakened! It is TIME!!

Page 1 While the acacia is associated with a number of Egyptian Deities, it has specific associations with Isis and Her family. A particular acacia—simply called The Acacia, or Shondj—was sacred to Her. The Goddess Shontet, the Acacia Goddess Who took part in the Osirian resurrection rites at Djedu (Mendes), was considered to be a form of Isis. And Isis and Nephthys together were called the Two Shonti Goddesses, that is, the Two Acacia Goddesses.