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Yogurt, Berry And Granola Parfait

Granola, Yogurt And Berry Compote Parfait. The perfect healthy breakfast or light dessert. #happyandharried #granola #yogurt #berry #berries #compote #parfait #breakfast #brunch #dessert #healthy

Yogurt, Berry And Granola Parfait

Homemade Blueberry Compote. So easy and extremely useful to have in your refrigerator. Spread on toasts, serve over pancakes or pour on ice cream. Yum! #happyandharried #blueberry #berry #berries #compote #fruit

Bakeapple White Chocolate Shortcakes

Bakeapple White Chocolate Shortcake – Bakeapples, or cloud berries are a Newfoundland favorite but this recipe can be adapted to use any simple fruit compote or jam; like raspberry, strawberry or peach.

Mini Cheesecake Cupcakes {With Topping Ideas}

Mini Cheesecake Cupcakes {With Topping Ideas} Whip up some mini cheesecakes and top them with dulce de leche, berry compote or chocolate. Enjoy a mouthful of decadence! #happyandharried #cheesecake #cupcake #mini #topping #dessert

Double Chocolate Dutch Baby with Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream

Introducing the chocolate (double chocolate) version of a long time family favorite, the Dutch Baby. Introducing the chocolate (double chocolate) Dutch Baby. (Can make SF with SF maple syrup and Truvia for the sugar.)

11 Delicious Classic French Desserts

Croissants, creme brulee, crepes, chocolate stout and mixed berry gallete -- give us all the above! We just LOVE all the french desserts and these recipes are so easy, we can make them ourselves and pretend we're in a a fancy cafe in the old city.

lemon poppy seed cake with blackberry vanilla bean buttercream

Cinnamon Monkey Bread


Orchards, Peaches And Honey Cream

Have you heard of Honey Cream? It's air-whipped honey and is absolutely delightful on warm toast!