This listing is for 1 darling sleeper made to fit your Bitty Baby. If you need pajamas for twins, look here:

bitty baby clothes Handmade For Twin Girl or Baby Doll Pajamas Pjs Sleeper Flannel Zip White Pink Turquoise Purple Heart Valentine's Day


Bitty Baby Pajamas 15" Made for Sleeper Zip Twin Pj Doll Clothes Boy Red Car


American Girl Bitty Twins starter kit.

American Girl - Bitty Twins This is the case I found and the little food thing right above the boy's undies. Wonder if someone WAS getting rid of set.

Bitty Twins Sunny Day Outfits 2003

Bitty Twins Sunny Day Outfits

The Bitty Twins Sunny Day Outfits were a Bitty Twin outfit released in 2003 and retired in

Denim Jumper Outfit  $24 BTJO  This colorful denim jumper shines with a rainbow sash and ruffled three-tiered skirt, and the turquoise tee with gingham sleeves adds even more fun. Two red hairbows with pink dots match her shoes, and training pants add comfort. The book Meet the Bitty Twins features activities and parenting tips.    Released Summer 2006

The Denim Jumper Outfit is a Bitty Twin outfit released in 2006 and the meet outfit for girl.