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Doll Parts

from The Xerxes

Halloween Face Paint Ideas

This year for Halloween, methinks this

She looks so sweet and trusting. Her face,her eyes especially,really capture the innocence of youth.She also looks curious.She's so pretty!

from gofeminin

Schminktipps für Karneval: Hier kommen die kreativsten Looks

Face paint

I'm so redoing Ava's dolls to make them younger and sweeter looking

A very spooky doll face -- if the best art is meant to disturb and make you think about the unseen world, this is very good art! #horkadolls

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10 Weird Things We Did To Our Dolls As Kids

GUM BALL MACHINE FULL OF BARBIE DOLL HEADS ( Mattel / vintage / retro photograph / black white photo / creepy / weird / strange past ) - so how much is a head