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It's unlikely that you're familiar with the southeastern Turkish cities of Urfa and Mardin. But like most of our readers, we had seen these cities dozens of time before on the news without really realizing it, for this part of Turkey is within a stone's throw of the Syrian and Iraqi borders. Read more about this region that prides itself on old fashioned hospitality and tolerance, where it extends a hand of welcome and generosity to all its guests.

Most travelers avoid long layovers and indirect routes like the plague. But these undesirable flights can give you a chance to explore new cities without spending any extra money to get there! Seeing more and playing less? We'll chose that option every time! If you're ready to fall in love with layovers like we have, here are some practical considerations for getting the most from the experience.

It’s an unfortunate prosaic truth that most of us mere mortals and, not being blessed with unlimited travel funds, we have to temper our heartfelt voyages with realistic budgets. But in at least one of the world’s most romantic destinations, Old #Quebec City, your love affair - and your love affair with #travel - even if your budget is more wildflowers and water than red roses and champagne, rest assured that the romance in this city won't pass you by. Here's how..