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Kitten: "Oh damn! She's taken the washing in! And I was just about to take that small soft blanket for my bed too!"

Premium Chicken Flavored Lufenuron CapsulesLITTLE CITY DOGS ***Note:Lufenuron only kills the female fleas not the males!

Gargoyle cats This is soo Sookie. I remember when I lived in my tiny studio apartment, she would sit on top of the fridge and stare at me.

37 Cats who Don't Understand 'If I Fits, I Sits'!

What big dreams a little kitten can have in just a small shoe of billions more in this world....

PATRICK - A1048839 - - Brooklyn ***TO BE DESTROYED 08/27/15***SECOND TIME ON THE LIST! PLEASE HELP THIS TINY FELLOW WHO SO NEEDS TO BE CARED FOR!!! PATRICK is a little guy who’s life has barely started. Unfortunately, he’s all stuffed up, and when cats can’t smell food, they won’t eat it. This means PATRICK needs to be syringe fed and maybe tempted with some nice soft baby food or tuna. He also should see a vet-and ACC has done all they can or will

When These Pets Are At The Vet's, Their Expressions Are Absolutely Priceless