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In the wettest place on Earth, the village of Mawsynram in Meghalaya, India are some of the most fascinating bridges you'll ever see. These "living bridges" are formed by locals who have trained the roots of rubber trees to grow into natural bridges. They are sturdy enough to far outlast man-made wooden structure bridges. Because of the relentless rain in Meghalaya's jungles, wooden structures would rot away. These root bridges are self-strengthening, becoming more sturdy ...

Meghalaya..also know as the Scotland of the East!

Umngot River in Meghalaya - 13 Attractions In India That Can Rival The Best In The World! -

Nohkalikai Falls is the tallest plunge waterfall in India


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Nohkalikai Falls — Meghalaya, India

200 years old root bridges in Meghalaya subtropical forests, India (by sidetrekked).

from Atlas Obscura

The Root Bridges of Cherrapunji

Long ago, the War-Khasis people of Meghalaya in northeastern India began forming the roots of the rubber tree into bridges that would give them passage over the river. The root bridges are extraordinarily strong and because they are alive and still growing, the bridges actually gain strength over time—and some of the ancient root bridges used daily by the people of the villages around Cherrapunji may be well over 500 years old.

Seven Sisters' Photo Of The Day: Beautifully clear Umngot river, 96 km from Shillong, Meghalaya is a paradise unexplored. Photo by Roman Saini @RomanSaini