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Iranian chlorite bowls, 3rd millenium B.C. Greenish gray chlorite stone bowl having a geometric design on the exterior consisting of triangles and linear incision, the other corseted undecorated. These vases is typical of the chlorite tableware made in eastern Iran in the 3rd millennium. Chlorite quarries have been found in the province of Kerman. Chlorite is a soft, green stone that is easy to work, the objects made in this material were luxury items, 4 and 6 cm high. Private collection

Love the spread out rocks with larger grout in between, a little bit contemporary, a little bit rustic TBC BLACK Rocks: Beautiful Unique Large Polished Black River Rocks. Most Rocks Over 1.5 Inches in Length. Use in Floral Arrangements, Table Scatters, Vase Fillers, Great in Fireplace, Candle Arrangements, Aquariums, Wet or Dry. Great for Eye Catching Centerpiece. Perfect for Indoor or Outdoor Gardening, Containers, Fountains & Spas. This Large Bag Contains Approximately 2 Pounds of Polished Stones.: Home & Kitchen