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A negative-yield bond literally means you are paying a government for the right to loan them money. What's the logic behind owning such a counterintuitive investment?

The term 'emerging markets' gets tossed around a lot, and some people may be confused about what it means. Here's how investment pros define it.

Don't waste time wondering how to buy a stock or open a brokerage account. This easy 4 part video series will get you started investing right away!

If you are new to learning how to invest in penny stocks, you will want to be aware of the Penny Stock Trading Rules and Regulations and what they mean.

Investing For Dummies

GE will focus on its industrials business and will sell the majority of its assets held in GE Capital

Recent regulatory changes have now opened the private equity market to individual investors. The question is, should you be jumping in? What You Need to Know About Investing in Private Equity.

It is hard to understand the stock market right now -- there's volatility, as stocks go up and stocks go down. Still, it's fairly easy to know what to do with your money.... If you believe in the U.S. recovery (and you should), buy it.

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