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12 Deadliest Garden Plants

Foxglove. Twenty minutes after a little nibbling, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea set in. Depending on the amount ingested, untreated poisoning leads to death by bradycardia (lowered heart rate) or ventricular fibrillation (a rapid, irregular rhythm in the lower heart chambers). Keep in mind, however, that children have died just from sucking on a part of the plant.

How to grow - and get the best - from roses

How to grow – and get the best – from roses Garden expert Bunny Guinness shares her top tips on growing beautiful roses that will be the envy of your neighbours

slideshow: beloved conifers

There is no blue conifer as stunning as a good specimen of Abies concolor, the concolor fir; 'Candicans' is a great cultivar. The full story of this beloved tree:

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Hyacinth Bean Vine - will grow 10 feet tall in one summer season - great to almost instantly fill a trellis or to climb a post or pole. Collect the purple pods in fall, store them over the winter and replant in Spring. Neverending purple flowers all summer!

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Willow Tree Care – Tips For Planting Willow Trees In The Landscape

Willow trees are suitable for moist sites in full sun. They perform well in almost any climate. There are many types of willow trees for the home landscape. Learn how to grow a willow tree in this article.