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I love rock salt lamps. Fill your space with negative ions. We get them naturally in nature when we are at the beach or in a thunder storm. They are wonderful to bring up our frequency!!

Rustic Touch - by Melaleuca. This stuff rocks. It shines my car, shoes, polishes furniture, anything leather, tables, chairs, etc. I love it!

Birthday Freebies - list of over 50 things to get for FREE on your Birthday!

One of the reasons why I LOVE my birthday is because I get a lot of free stuff from companies! One way to do this is to sign up for company email lists. Here is a list of over 71 email lists that you can sign up for to get free products on your birthday! Over $300 in free stuff sounds pretty cool - right?

This stuff is truly the best! Sick of put harmful chemicals in your body to help with stress? Confianza is an all natural product to ease your stress levels.

Due to carrier restrictions we cannot ship Escentric Molecules outside of the UK. Molecule 01 is the hero product from this award winning line-up of exquisite scents by Escentric Molecules. Formulated using a single fragrance molecule, ISO E Super, this simple, sophisticated and beautifully satisfying aroma is guaranteed to impress. Iso E Super is the ingredient responsible for creating the wonderful aroma found in this best selling perfume and has been said to have a pheromonic effect on…

Elsie the cow. She is the "wife" of Elmer, of Elmer's Glue fame. Before Clo the Cow (Clover Dairy Products in CA) Elsie was the proponent for dairy products. I think her company was Borden's.