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joethejohnston: The second part of the Steven Universe half-hour event thursday night, boarded by Jeff Liu and myself. It’s over a year ago that we were working on this episode, its strange and exciting to see it finally air. It all begins at 6:30 with an amazing episode by Paul and Raven; everybody ready? STEVEN UNIVERSE HALF HOUR SPECIAL, MIRROR GEM & OCEAN GEM, TONIGHT AT 6:30!!! STUNNING PROMO BY JOE JOHNSTON! Hope you’ve been enjoying a whole bunch of set up!  The real show STARTS…

jeffliujeffliu:It’s time to get movin’!New episode of Steven Universe on 2/5/15 @ 6:30!Storyboards by Joe and me!PROMO BY JEFF LIU!!! Please watch! TONIGHT!

paulvilleco: Watch Mirror Gem tonight!  Part of a two-part Cartoon Network special! And keep the TV tuned to CN, ‘cause right after that watch the brand new Ocean Gem, boarded by Jeff Liu and Joe Johnston!

joethejohnston: It was very hard to come up with a poster that wasn’t filled with spoilers, so i had to wait until now. I can’t believe this episode is finally out there for people to see, its so surreal for us.