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Clown fish

Nemo flashes a smile. Snapped in the Philippines, this clownfish living amid the stinging tentacles of a huge sea anemone was photographed by Steve De Neef. The fish pictured here is the dominant female, and shares the anemone with her family.


Flame Jellyfish- I want a salt water fish tank just so i can have Jelly Fish in it!

Jellyfish Berenice, Red Sea, Egypt  by StellaStyles, via Flickr

Colorful image Jellyfish / Berenice, Red Sea, Egypt I guess I really love this color blue.


Red Ghost Crabs (aptly named for their sneaky speed) will eat just about anything, careful!


Discus - these colorful tropical saltwater wild fish can thrive in a large well kept saltwater aquarium!

Fish Staredown

Beautiful and colorful fish photos are waiting for you. I share the most beautiful fishes in these photos. Wonderful sea views, amazing fish scenes with you.