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Heucheras are a great option for foliage if you're trying to avoid higher maintenance plants.

"UHH AU where lapis is taken alongside the crystal gems but her and pearl don’t exactly get along at first??? until some events unfold… (playing along the idea that Pearl is “defective” and Lapis is holdin a grudge on her for wanting to discard her)"

The most cost effective 10 DIY Back garden Projects That Any person Can Make 6

Fall * A - 1 Little Business Daylily B - 1 Blue Queen Salvia C - 3 Gay Butterflies Butterfly Plant * D - 1 Variegated Weigela * E - 1 Goldsturm Rudbeckia * F - 1 Dwarf Burning Bush G - 3 Mixed Hardy Primrose H - 1 Wood's Pink Dwarf Aster I - 1 Pistachio Reblooming Hydrangea * J - 3 Mixed Lungwort K - 2 Red Daisy Mammoth Mums L - 2 Bronze Daisy Mammoth Mums M - 2 Yellow Quill Mammoth Mums…

"I hearby call to order the Council of the Faeries. If anyone of you has information regarding Faerie Daedrie M. Yarling, please step forward. As you may know, Miss Yarling has gone missing from this world two weeks ago. Since then, signs of Faerie activity have been flaring up severely on Earth, though our informants have seen no sign of Miss Yarling in particular."

My three tiered tray from @paintedfox1 got all Easter-ed out with some mugs from @marshalls, pots from @michaelsstores, eggs from @worldmarket, & some greenery from @ikeausa. Hope you are all having a beautiful Sunday! #LMBhome