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Food in Emilia Romagna - "Emilia Romagna’s Amazing!" by @Suzanne Courtney @TheTravelBunny

Terracotta Pan makers of Montetiffi - "Inside Maurizio and Rosella's Terracotta Life" by @lolaakinmade

"Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale was rarely known or consumed outside of its home territory of Emilia-Romagna prior to the 1970s, but in this small corner of the world, families produced their gastronomic delight in wooden barrels handed down through generations, and enjoyed the fine flavors in accompaniment to their daily meals" - "Traditions of the Land: Food in Italy Part II" by @twoOregonians

Erbazzone is essentially a savory spinach pie from the Emilia Romagna region of Italy - Instagram by thetravelbite

This Italian Christmas cake recipe is a speciality of the Emilia Romagna region, given as gifts to friends and family. Packed with nuts, honey and dried fruit – including Italian citron – the filling is rich, sticky and sweet and comes wrapped in a crisp, sugared pastry coating.

Everything I thought I knew about aceto balsamico di Modena was wrong. If it doesn't have the word "tradizionale" in it, and if it hasn't been aged at least 12 years, and if it hasn't been made precisely in the town of Modena, it's FAKE! The real traditional balsamic vinegar is such a rare, delicious and lovingly made food from Emilia-Romagna! - Instagram by @Kate McCulley