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One of the questions Jer and I ask each other every week during our #NavigatorsCouncil is: "What brought you JOY this week?" Each week this question brings us to a place of thanksgiving and Praise to God. Maybe it's just me.... But I think I'm not alone when I say that as women we are often more prone to remembering what our husbands did wrong last week...and we completely neglect to ask what brought them joy! Let's be women that know our husbands joys more than their faults. Let's be women…

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How $3 Brought Me 50,000 Page Views (in 3 Days!)

How $3 Brought Me 50,000 Page Views (in 3 Days!) - a tip for bringing viral traffic to your blog |

The strategy that brought Rosemarie from $18/month income to over $22,000/month in 19 months on Pinterest. The Pinterest Strategy Guide is appropriate for every level of Blogger. From someone who has never even heard of Pinterest and wants to expand their audience to someone who's already dominating Pinterest and wants to see how my strategy differs from theirs.

If you have someone in your life that can see straight into your heart and reflect back to you what you are capable of...never let them go. Those people are pure light in a world full of nasty tricks

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How did I end up here?

This speaks to me in so many ways and brought me to tears. People need to understand this and i think life struggles would be ten times easier

O my gosh i used to love this show! Ask @Jordan Bromley Moore I was obsessed. The theme song was my first ringtone. Oh 5th grade.

I'm going to have to do this someday

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Barefaced Kendall Jenner leaves Los Angeles for Paris Fashion Week

Hope she brought reading material: The beauty kept to herself ahead of the cross-continental journey, which takes nearly 11 hours on a nonstop flight, according to airline estimates