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A team of researchers in Japan lead by Akira Asano of Burton Inc. have developed a 3D aerial display capable of projecting text and imagery in mid-air. The Aerial Burton works by firing a 1kHz infrared pulse directly into a 3D scanner which in turn focuses and reflects the laser to a specific point in the air. Molecules at the end of the laser then ionize, releasing energy in the form of photons.

3D-Printed Ceramics | PopMech - HRL Labs hit a break through this year in 3D printed ceramics capable of withstanding extreme temperatures.

Nuclear-power-costs Who killed nuclear power? Hint: It’s not the people who actively supported placing a high and rising price on carbon pollution. Four of the country’s top climate experts have distributed an open letter “To those influencing environmental policy but opposed to nuclear power.” I have the greatest respect for James Hansen, Kerry Emanuel, Tom Wigley, and Ken Caldeira — and have written dozens of blog posts about their vital climate work.

Reality Check: Being a Hairstylist is not all Glitter and Glamor

This alien looking creature lives here on Earth

Amazing photograph of an embryonic bat. Check out the clearly visible digits, which will eventually form the wings.