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Awaken and open your eyes to the beautiful reality of being alive. Weigh every moment with the importance of this breath. With the sweetness, the beauty, the understanding, the clarity of your heart, take steps needed in your life. And be content in the supreme joy that is always dancing within you. ~ Prem Rawat Maharaji- ~

"Young people want to live in the future. Older people want to live in the past. Nobody wants to live in the present. And where has joy placed itself? Where has understanding placed itself? In the present. So if you ever wonder why it is so hard to have understanding about life, maybe the answer is: You don't live where it lives." Prem Rawat

"When the heart is filled with gratitude, this is pleasant. When the priority of this life is understood and acknowledged, it is very pleasant. And this is what knowledge is all about. This is what the life is all about. This is what the master is all about. Filling your life, with the pleasant. Filling your life with joy." Prem Rawat