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The American Red Cross' new iOS and Android app emits a siren from a user's phone whenever a local tornado warning is issued. So what do you think? Would you download and use it? Comment below, why or why not...

Donate blood to the American Red Cross. I like the American Red Cross in that we know what we give from ourselves is beneficial to a lot of others.

First Aid by American Red Cross ($0.00) Accidents happen. The official American Red Cross First Aid app puts expert advice for everyday emergencies in your hand. Get the app and be prepared for what life brings. With videos, interactive quizzes and simple step-by-step advice it’s never been easier to know first aid.

September 16, 2011. Binghamton, New York. Sisters Paige, left, and Maggie O'Brien of Greene with the jar of money they collected for the American Red Cross by selling lemonade and Whoopie pies in front of their flooded home. Paige said that people just need to put on boots and go help others clean-up from the floods.

Weather is a big deal right now. One day it could be sunny, the next rainy & its also tornado season! (Scary) Stay up to date with these 4 Free Weather Apps for Your Phone at the Quicken Loans Zing Blog.