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{ Shawn Mendes } "Hey. I am Shawn. I am 18 and single. I like to sing and make music. I have been on tour with Taylor Swift. I used to be in Magcon and I make vines and youtube videos as well. I like to be with my family. If you want to say hi come and introduce yourself. I don't bite." I smile

from Cosmopolitan

Hollywood heartthrobs

We love a home-grown hunk, especially when they come as gorgeous as James. Saying the sexy Scotsman's name reminds us of that library scene in Atonement and gets us all hot and flustered. -

That was a good Wisdom, thank you Sebastian.

"See, little bro, this is what you do once you've graduated high school. And when you haven't graduated, you ditch school to come."

I have been told my awareness and vibes are guilty of catching many an eye. And after they arrived, with time and truth, I removed each layer, layer by layer, testing my timidity, and intensifying my intensity. And as the story goes with us, my intensity grew, and the many flew. But those who stayed are my chosen few, and love there is, truer than true.

O.O *ovaries explode* #xiumin #minseok