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A Rough Guide to Types of Scientific Evidence: This graphic was inspired by a couple of things this week. The first was the recent Gawker article on the Food Babe’s spurious chemical claims, which you may well have seen spreading like wildfire through social media earlier this week. The second was a Twitter exchange regarding the artificial sweetener aspartame, during which the user whom I was conversing with repeatedly linked me to poor quality ‘evidence’ in order to try and prove their…

GMO Scaremongering Hurts People Everywhere

Synthetic biology: Cultural divide— Synthetic biology is facing a tug of war over whether to patent its discoveries or embrace open-source innovation.

Dream a Little Crazy

Dream a Little Crazy by Architecture in Helsinki Synthetic biology, food-as-sculpture and 3D printing technology

Launched: A Synthetic Biology Factory for Making Weird New Organisms (Ginkgo Bioworks)