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Always think about this... :o

Teenager Post # I wonder what goes on in your head when you hear my name.

those great ideas always come after


Me and my friends roast eachother all the time so this happens alot. I do have some pretty good comebacks sometimes though.

33 Of The Best Whispers

33 Of The Best Whispers

Sneakers are my thing. I can't stand heels, or even a little lift. It's just me

.God i thaught i was one of the rare people who do that. thankfully, i guess im not rare.

I have a problem when something is so funny to me I can't stop laughing! Even an hour later I'm still laughing scence that moment and everyone is just staring at me.

friends make a boring school day an interesting unforgettable day

More like: To my highschool keyboard teacher - don't ever make me sit in the back of the room with my back to the class, I will still shout at my BFF!

I can't do that because my teacher just calls on me when ever he wants so I'm sitting there on the edge of my chair like "don't pick meee"

Every single time in social studies but then some don't read so I end up reading a paragraph that has 15 different countries from Africa that I CANNOT pronounce for the life of me.