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Calvin and Hobbes Comic Strip, May 25, 2014 on

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Calvin and Hobbes comic for Jul/12/2014


Ocean Water

Ocean Water - 7Up or Sprite, blue food coloring, Swedish Fish. Fun for kids summer parties. // For more family resources visit! :)

Calvin and Hobbes Comic Strip, March 20, 2013 on

Calvin and Hobbes Comic Strip, July 10, 1988 on

from HelloGiggles

The Very Best Calvin and Hobbes Comic Strips From Our Youth

Exactly - and every time I see an old tree being murdered - I cry because I know it is screaming in its roots and telling other trees it is being being killed of no good reason other than man's ignorance.

I don't know what this crazily cute burst is I'm just gonna call it the Mohawk Birdy...he's pretty rad. ;)

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CAlvin and Hobbes Quote 4 Mug, Coffee mug coffee, Mug tea, Design for mug

The illustration on this personalized mug is completely customizable. You can add your own picture here, you can even add a name or text on the other side. Just let me know what custom design you want