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Arlistic Entertainment is now Eloped Effects... Eloped Effects is a registered trademark of Edmond Burns and all copy rights are reserved to Edmond Burns

Beauty, love and soul: Anna Razumovskaya graduated from Russian State University For Arts (high-class artist) in 1991.

A graffiti design I design for a relative.

This is a new logo design that I did for print for my new company that's focusing on the health and fitness of Diabetics. For more information please see all inquiries to All copy rights and trademarks are reserved to Edmond Burns

Don't no if I am going yet. I really need to make money.

Multiplayer is a dating site in the making that I am working on with a business partner. All copy rights and trademarks are reserved to Edmond Burns. Multiplayer coming soon 2016

I did this cartoon for these wonderful individuals...

This is a digital portrait comicbook style that I did for T.I. I sent it, but no response yet. Maybe he hates it or it has been trash. Who knows?

Digital Comic book style digital painting of Taraji P. Henson