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Larger Latino populations are linked to smaller knowledge gaps between citizen and non-citizen Latinos. So larger clusters of Latino population result in higher rates of knowledge of politics and political processes. Let’s call it political assimilation. This is an important idea when we talk about Latino political participation.

Politics and the abuse of language What do Texas legislators mean by "constitutional carry," and "security of the ballot?"

The gutsy decision that saved Harry Reid’s career and made him a hero to Latinos I'm torn by this article. On the one hand, it gives us a behind-the-scenes look at how the Latino vote is transforming the political machinations at high levels. On the other, there's an implicit idea that Sen. Reid's backing of the DREAM Act wasn't motivated so much because it was the right thing to do, but because it was a hail-Mary play to win an election. In that sense it wasn't so much gutsy as it was…


Senate candidate Loretta Sanchez appears to disparage American Indians Loretta Sanchez has since apologized, but the video of her tapping her mouth and whooping in refence to Native Americans won’t be easy to overcome.

The GOP’s Latino problem is still very real This GOP Latino problem thing has become cliché: the more things change, the more they stay the same …

IMMIGRATION BILL COMPROMISE IS A POTENTIAL POLITICAL SEA CHANGE Is this the best we could do? A link to read the Bill.

Rep. Linda Sanchez Elected To Lead Congressional Hispanic Caucus This was a bi.ot of a shuffle. Rep. Ben Ray Lujan was in line for this position, but he was pegged by Nancy Pelosi to head the DCCC. The Caucus members voted Rep. Sánchez to lead their group. image

Presidential Elections 2016 Dr. Henry Flores takes a first glance at the presidential candidate field. He's not impressed, and says why.

My Dream About Marco Rubio (Has Marco pubed yet?)