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Larger Latino populations are linked to smaller knowledge gaps between citizen and non-citizen Latinos. So larger clusters of Latino population result in higher rates of knowledge of politics and political processes. Let’s call it political assimilation. This is an important idea when we talk about Latino political participation.

Tracing the U.S. / Mexico Border Wall Art vs Politics and boundaries.

OK Politicos, Let's Have "That Talk" OK Politicos, Let’s Have “That Talk” Latino politics 101 for hopeful conservatives & well meaning liberals

Leonel Castillo, activist, former Houston city controller, dies A pioneer in Latino politics, QEPD.

After 14 months, Senate finally approves Latino judge It’s done, finally. Four hundred days after he was nominated by President Obama, Luis Felipe Resptrepo was confirmed by the U.S. Senate to sit on the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals. It took a change of Senate rules to make it happen.

Analysis: Another Missed Chance For GOP To Engage With Latinos Stephen Nuño outlines a clear distinction between what the GOP says about reaching out to Latinos and what it does. In that gap, he says, is a missed opportunity.

Bush, Rubio bring Spanish fluency to 2016 campaign, but how much will they use it? This is a typical story from typical mainstream media. It seems the best way they know to talk about Latino politics is to talk about non-Latinos speaking Spanish.

First Latina Elected NYC City Council Speaker A milestone for NYC Latino politics!

FOR LATINOS IN TEXAS BORDER COMMUNITIES, POLITICS ISN'T JUST LOCAL - IT'S PERSONAL It turns out that Texas Latinos are tuned-in to politics...more than people may think.

IT'S NOT ABOUT THOMAS PEREZ, IT'S AGAIN ABOUT PRESIDENT OBAMA Pretty good analysis on the politics of getting nowhere.