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I found this guy in my backyard this morning. I had my eye on him/her all day and towards sunset I set up the camera on the tripod.

When Drake was born I distinctly remember feeling love with fierceness that I imagine a Mother lion must feel fir her cub. Happy Mothers day All!

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Ran into a baby Possum on my patio tonight - he quite literally was nosing around the Marigolds that I planted this morning. We tried to 'shoo' him away, and the little maniac backed into the wooden gate, hissing at us ferociously. (Good thing these babie

I am just a simple Canadian girl. But I understand life gets hard, has many challenges. That's why I am here. There is so much beauty in the world. And I want to share it with you. If it can bring a...

always so cute when two different species show their love for each other...humans are all one species and yet we haven't mastered this... nough said

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