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yep. Turn mens 'logic' back on them.>> Except when is for their heart, my boyfriend's dad (a feminist, pro-choice, and great guy) was prescribed viagra because he needs it to help his blood flow or something. I don't know how it works, but he doesn't have E.D. its not for that.

Toni Morrison believes that divorce is good for you, that Viagra should be banned, and that reality TV shows are little more than modern-day ‘lynchings’. And when she talks, presidents listen

I've always been of the mind that women's health should be considered a personal matter, and not subject to legislation. However, if these issues are to be legislated (as they are currently), they should NOT be legislated by men.

Breaking: California Nurses for Ethical Standard’s President Urges ” NO” on SB277 | The Edgy Truth

An NHS Campaign. One of my favourite visual stimuli. By targeting men and their manhood they are preying on the audiences weakness. Men don't want their ego's to be knocked. By talking to this side of their personality they are making them take notice and are more likely to succeed in getting the desired response. Excellent example of knowing your audience.

Pretty funny, except Moochelle must be talking about her ex, because no way Barry is packing anything like that!

El sexo es un ejercicio cardiovasclar que requierre mucha energia, aqui te dejamos 3 posturas para que puedas disfrutarlo sin cansarte.

Politically Correct terminology is often distorted, insulting, and silly. Let's say it like it is. Some simply dislike gays. Some don't mind the person, only what it is they do. Almost no one is afraid of them. So why such an alarmist term? That only creates another level of negativity.

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