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The Canada Lynx has long legs and dense fur. Notice how it is walking 'on top' of the snow - its big paws have a large gap between the first and second toes and their big toe set at a wide angle which gives them a better vicelike grip on the snow.

On average, Canadian lynxes are 23 inches tall and 35 inches long. This makes them about twice the size of your average house cat. But because they tend to live solitary lives and make their homes away from human civilization, they are known as the “gray ghost of the north.” Indeed, they tend to reside in densely forested areas, where they scout out their dens in hidden nooks and crannies.

scientificphilosopher: Lynx have unusually large paws that spread out with each step. This allows them to walk on the snow’s surface – like snowshoes! Photo Credit: Keith Williams / CC