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Wichita Falls says goodbye to potty water for now

Why Do Leaves Change Colors in the Fall? - Blog - United States Government Blog


U.S. greenhouse gas emissions dropped 3.4% in 2012

Greenhouse gas emissions in the United States dropped by 3.4% in 2012, federal environmental regulators reported Tuesday.

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Cat poop parasite controls minds early -- and permanently, study finds

Cat feces parasite controls minds early -- and permanently, study finds

53 years ago, a photograph that helped change everything

How the new SAT test will instil US values into impressionable young Chinese minds

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Great Barrier Reef Plan Isn't Enough, Conservationists Say

Conservationists say the Australian government's 35-year plan to save the Great Barrier Reef doesn't go far enough.


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GOP pushes funding cuts for social science work - The Boston Globe


Procrastinating on those taxes? Blame your genes

Procrastination, suggests a new study, is an evolved trait that likely served humans well in a time when finding food and water and fending off prey were job one. For man in the state of nature, pondering lofty goals for an indistinct future was sure to result in an early demise.

One Toronto neurosurgeon's crusade to develop an effective stroke drug - The Globe and Mail