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from Teachers Pay Teachers

Alexander Graham Bell Word Search Puzzle

Use this word search puzzle as a supplement to a unit on the inventor of the telephone. Kids will have fun looking for the words and will be reviewing facts they have learned (or will learn) about Alexander Graham Bell. Once they have found all of the words and circled them, the remaining letters spell out a quote from the inventor.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Earth Day Word Search Puzzle

Celebrate Earth Day, April 22nd, with a fun little word search. Kids love puzzles and word searches are a great way to review vocabulary and introduce a subject. Puzzlers will have to look in all directions, including backwards and diagonally to find the 26 hidden words. When they have found them all, the remaining letters spell out a quote from a famous conservationist.

Enscripted" is the latest code-breaking word game to hit the App Store, combining the best and coolest movie quotes with the classic 'cipher' word puzzle.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Pi Day Activities - Puzzles

Celebrate Pi Day with puzzles that focus on the amazing value of Pi! Includes 5 different puzzles, one for each day of the week that includes March 14: It's All About the Number- Pi Sudoku, Pi Word Search, Logic with Pi (2 versions; one easy and one challenging), Solve the Circles to Find the Quote (by Einstein), & Mystery Picture- Cartesian Graph (with 100+ coordinate pairs).

Facetious—which puzzle fans know is one of the few English words containing the vowels a, e, i, o, u in order—came to English from the Middle French word facetieux, which traces to the Latin word

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Declaration of Independence Word Search

Use this fun word search worksheet to introduce or close a lesson on the signing of the U.S. Declaration of Independence. The introduction and the first part of the preamble to the declaration are quoted with the 32 vocabulary words to find underlined. Students will be familiarizing themselves with the text as they look for the words.

crosswords, word searches, acrostics, cryptograms, logic puzzles, sudoku, number puzzles, drop quotes, and other puzzles... good ideas to have on hand when students have "no homework" during study hall