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Dar um "pause" também é necessário :) #instatravel #travelgram #instaviagem #viagemgram #viagem #pause #instapause

The not-so-humble bed is one of those fundamental home investments and even more than most furniture purchases requires a lot of thought and consideration. After all as the old adage goes you spend a third of your life in it. So we pulled together this be

Not sure who to give credit to but this is awesome.... I'M SCREAMING THIS IS GREAT

from POPSUGAR Fashion France


Pin for Later: 44 Mannequins à Suivre Sur Instagram Kendall Jenner Son Instagram: @kendalljenner

Post your listings to Instagram everyday automatically! It takes so little time to do every realtor should be doing it. Here is the way to hack instagram and get on this network! #realestate #marketing

Instagram media by _percy_posts_ - - {My edit give credit} - - - okay so this is another random #Headcanon I thought of! If you repost please give credit - All of myheadcanons are here ➡️ #Percypostsheadcanons please don't uses this hashtag - I cannot tag anyone anymore because we had way too many I'm so sorry I hope you can understand. but you can check our account to see if we posted. I will post something a couple hours later saying I posted some headcanons just in case you missed…

The more problems we solve as one, the stronger our bond becomes. Relationships are not easy but when you have what it takes to solve issues with a man you have loved for 11 years, don't stop and run when times get tough. Continue to solve those problems and we will prosper. We have so much love for each other; so much love to waste by walking away. I love you Kerrie, please continue to work through these difficult times WITH ME.