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Herning, Denmark - where Sanita was founded in 1907. The Denmark headquaters are still there today.

Sanita Clogs Professional Ashley


Didya know when our founder Christian Andersen visited local stores, he rode his bicycle carrying his handcrafted clogs?! Sanita.....still handcrafted, still the original! | #MySanita #TBT #handcrafted #original #comfort #fashion #clogs

$114.00-$140.00 Sanita Bordeaux Croc Leather Clogs Closed Womens Sz 38 - Danish-designed with more than 100 years of handcraftsmanship, this Original collection is built upon the clog heritage intended to support today’s technology and structure. In this SS12 collection, we re-introduce Sanita's water resistant oiled uppers and cleanable materials, which provide suitable yet innovative styles for ...

WHAT'S DANISH? Have you heard of the fairy tale "Jack the Dullard" by the famous Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen who lived in the nineteenth century? Guess what?? Both of them wore Danish wooden clogs!

Back in 1907, our founder, Christian Andersen, created the first pair of clogs by hand and when he went to visit the local stores, he rode his bicycle carrying two pair of clogs under his arm!!!!

With Love From Denmark /vepar5120400201/12981961-gesture-made-by-denmark-flag-colored-hands-showing-symbol-of-heart-and-love.jpg