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How to work with relationships in SQL Server | tutorial - This SQL Server tutorial explores inter-table relationships, including how to work with one-to-many and many-to-many relationships.

SQL Server Programming Part 13 - Dynamic SQL - Dynamic SQL allows you to build a complete statement out of individual strings of text and execute it as though it was an SQL statement. It allows you to create immensely flexible queries in which any part of a statement can be parameterised but it can also leave you vulnerable to the dreaded SQL injection attack!

Concat Strings in SQL Server using T-SQL - SQL in Sixty Seconds #035 - Concatenating string is one of the most common tasks in SQL Server and every developer has to come across it. We have to concat the string when we have to see the display full name of the person from first name and last name. In this video we will see various methods to concatenate the strings. SQL Server 2012 has introduced new function CONCAT which concatenates the strings much efficiently.