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SQL 2008: Common table expressions (CTE)/Grouping sets - This demo gives a brief overview of using CTE and Grouping sets

SQL Inner Join Multiple Tables with SUM Tutorial - Use inner joins with multiple tables to create reports. Uses aliases, and the SUM aggregate function to demonstrate the flexibility of the join statement.

Watch Brent Tune Queries - YouTube. I don't know why I keep looking thru these videos though I am not working on fine tuning queries yet..who knows when I will need to do this..knowledge is better than giving some one a blank look .... :D

SQL Server Programming Part 9 - Table Variables - n SQL Server, Table Variables provide an alternative to Temporary Tables when working with temporary sets of data. This video teaches you how to declare table variables and insert records into them. You'll learn about the differences between table variables and temporary tables, including why one technique isn't always better than the other.