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These women have formed an HIV/AIDS support group at New Life Medical Center in Kitgum, Uganda. They have survived 20 years of war, lost family members, and are openly sharing their HIV+ status. The fact that they still smile at all is a small miracle in of itself. The fact that they are bringing change to their communities is amazing.

12x12 Beaches & Bonfires Cottage/Beach Quote by Houseof3

328 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa still use unimproved drinking water sources. (That's more than the entire population of the United States.)

This family experiences much less sickness thanks for a bio-sand filter in their home. A bio-sand filter costs $85 US, purifies dirty water through a natural filtering process, and lasts for 20 years.

Millions of people all over the world are without such basic needs as clean drinking water. Check out the faces of children in their village after humanitarian efforts have built a well in their community. It means everything in the world to them! think about it next time you're whining about doing the dishes w/ hot running water ...

Sevenly & Invisible Children. The silhouette of a child holding a gun is so powerful and so unsettling, yet perfectly captures the reality that Invisible Children is trying to dismantle.