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GamesRader | The 10 most anticipated games of 2013 -  BEYOND: TWO SOULS - "Beyond has big-name actress Ellen Page playing Jodie Holmes, a young woman with a powerful, ghostly friend. The troubled young girl is on the run from the government, and the unseen force called Idan defends her from the armed attackers using deadly force. An intriguing story that begs the question of what happens after you die, Beyond may truly bridge the gap between film storytelling and gaming."

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Beyond Two Souls video game with Ellen page

Beautiful Beyond: Two Souls artwork uploaded by Mulder - Jodie Holmes - Render

Rachel Thalia Keisat - Thalia after Josephus' childhood best friend Thail. Rachel was three years old when she lost her mother. Tani watched Rachel when Josephus was not around

More mature than most adults while still having a child like air. Alone, Defensive, Hates Being Treated Like A Kid Or Sh**. Cusses like a sailor and Fights Like a Man, Handy With A Knife.

Jodie Holmes - the main character of Beyond: Two Souls, the person you're going to be seeing the most of.

Beyond Two Souls - Ellen Page as Jodie Holmes. The Navajo memory was the greatest in the game.

Game of thrones, Artwork.

Game of thrones, Artwork.

GamesRadar | The 10 most ancipated games of 2013 - THE LAST OF US -  "The Last of Us replaces the blockbuster, action-film feel of Uncharted with a bleak, desperate setting where what remains of humanity are struggling to survive. You play as Joel, a grizzled survivor who remembers society before the fall. With you is Ellie, a young girl who has never known a world that wasn’t infested with flesh-eating monsters."

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Beyond: Two Souls: Jodie Holmes - Render #6

Beautiful Beyond: Two Souls artwork uploaded by Mulder - Jodie Holmes - Render