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G, I thought this would be a really cool idea for your bedroom and your MA medals!
Painting furniture is something most frugal, creative people want to do. It seems easy enough and the appeal is that you can take a shabby looking piece of furniture and paint it, change out or paint the hardware and have a modern or newer looking furniture piece that brightens up …
Planning an NHL hockey themed wedding?  You might consider inviting your guests using a custom designed ticket invitation featuring a photo of the bride and groom.  Contact us at SportsThemedWeddings.com for a quote.
Hey guys, I have had a lot of requests for off-ice stickhandling drills. There are a lot of great stickhandling drills out there and I could probably make about 20 videos, but luckily for me somebody already did! I would have loved to make these myself, but I figured the sooner I share them with […]
Ding Dongs as hockey pucks...love this...maybe for end of the year party since sugar is a no no during the season!
I love the fact that in this picture Canada looks so intense. Although America looks that way as well. But Canada though... X3
With the exception of H2Opolo maybe. Hockey is tough love