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A High ISO HDR October 1st, 2011 Inside the creepy Freetown State Forest: www.masscrossroads.com/darkwoods This was done in the woods, before a paranormal walk. 5 RAW shots taken at ISO 6,400. Handheld as they were walking. I let Photomatix Pro automatically de-ghost the movement. Can't believe how good it is at at, at least on this one.

The Attic (Frank C. Grace (Trig Photography)) Tags: history boston dark ma wooden unitedstates essexcounty massachusetts rustic colonial newengland literature romance historic creepy spooky hidden american attic restored novel restoration salem mansion nationalparkservice hawthorne turner gable historicdistrict nathanielhawthorne ingersoll nationalhistoriclandmark colonialrevival houseofthesevengables postmedieval derbystreet johnturner turnerhouse captainturner gothicnovel houseofthe7gables…

Freetown-Fall River State Forest: Reputedly haunted, part of the Bridgewater Triangle. Alleged Pukwudgie encounters.

Tricerotops taken during our overnight stay at the Boston Museum of Science with the Boy Scouts

Police Photos During the late 1970's and 1980's there were rumors of cult activity within the Fall River-Freetown State Forest. Initially, the police dismissed this claiming it was just left over "hippies" from the 1960's. As time went on, it was determined not to be "hippies" and there was in fact satanic activities going on. This was an actual photo from the 1980's of the underground bunker found deep inside the Fall River/Fre

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