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Hmmm...this is a good deal..Maybe for my birthdaay.. :)

Once upon a time, when Mr. ThreapingThreePants was a wee little thing just learning to feed himself and it became clear to me that store-bought bibs were useless, a very dear and generous someone mentioned that in her day, people made bibs from towels that just slipped over baby's head and covered everything. Hmmm, said I, interesting, in exactly the way people do when they're not really listening. Dear and generous someone took that as an open invitation and soon presented me with a huge…

Hmmn. From the time I was wee-teen to thirty-something had somewhere around 15 piercings scattered about, and I'm down to my one remaining nostril gem. Now I see this, the first thing that's interested me in years. Might just have to.

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