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Clandesdine is a monthly supper club hosted in a Minneapolis home. Every month a different young chef from the local cooking community develops a menu to serve to a small seating for only one night. video features footage from Clandesdine's opening night with Chef Cole Hering (November 5, 2011).Music: Sam Cooke -

First Supper Club for 2012 (Italian) _ was so beautifully hosted by the Dunaway’s. Ashley OUT DID herself with the amazing presentation, decor, and service. Oh, and how could I possibly forget.. the food was delightful. So yummmmm! January Menu: Appetizers: Parmesan Baked Artichokes, Toasted Ravioli w/ Basil Pesto & Marinara. Starter: Winter Chop Salad. Main Entree: Chicken with Sundried Tomato Alfredo w/ Farfalle Pasta. Dessert: Tiramisu Trifles.