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I Got Lost In Tibet While Looking For The Egg by Robin on Etsy--Pinned with

Russian Imperial Throne of Tsarina Elizabeth Petronva was created in 1742. This Throne was part of Renaissance Culture as all as Part of the Tsar's treasury. The Ivory throne's ornamental design relates to the Imperial Caucasus Egg as well as the gold and red colour similarities and the materials that are used that is consisted of rubies, pearls and gold.

Kids can create a beautiful piece of custom art work by stamping hearts with cardboard rolls! What a fun and easy Valentines craft for kids of all ages! - Happy Hooligans

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10 of the Most Beautiful Castles in Italy

Castel dell'Ovo in Naples The name of this castle, “Egg Castle,” comes from a legend that Virgil put a magical egg into the castle’s foundations to support it. That’s not too likely, but what we do know is that the castle you see here was built by the Normans back in the 12th century, and later served as the seat of the Royal Chamber and of the State Treasury of Naples.

The more you trust in Me completely, the stronger is My Mercy. The more I can forgive. My Mercy is so powerful that it can wipe out the sins of all mankind.

The sculpture titled "Aspiration" can be found crawling up the exterior wall of the Treasury Building, in south central Dublin. The statue represents the struggle for freedom in Ireland, which eventually led to the Easter Rising in 1916.

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