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Viking sword, Northern Europe, 9th / 10th century

Bredt dateret til vikingetid. Fra A Fine Viking Sword with Gold and Silver Inlaid Blade and Hilt, 11th century Overall length: 94 cm (37"); Blade length: 78.75 cm (31") A Viking Sword of Petersen Type L (Variant), first half of the 10th century Overall length: 89 cm (35"); Blade length: 77.3 cm (30.4")

Viking sword hilt of bronze inlaid with silver, from Eigg, 9th century.

A Rare Viking Sword, 10th/11th century In excavated condition, with broad pattern-welded blade of flattened hexagonal section, iron hilt comprising cross-guard of tapering rectangular section and slender pommel of ‘tea cozy’ form, each inlaid with a...

Bredt dateret til vikingetid. Fra

Bredt dateret til vikingetid. Fra