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Brene Brown & Oprah's Class The Self-Compassion Quiz/ Scale developed by Dr. Kristin Neff, a researcher and professor at the University of Texas at Austin. It's a short test that measures the elements of self-compassion (self-kindness, common humanity and mindfulness) and the things that get in the way (self-judgment, isolation and overidentification).

After researching and analyzing various state tests, I found that EXPLANATION and INFERENCE types of context clues are used in most instances to aid in determining the meaning of unknown words. Check out this COMMON CORE ALIGNED literacy center! informational and literary contents are included It was strategically developed to mostly include EXPLANATION and INFERENCE types of context clues. I can actually say, it truly helped the students I work with across grade levels.

Researchers in the US are developing 'organs-on-a-chip' - an entire electronic set of human organs that can take the guesswork, and animals, out of drug testing.

from MIT News

How to get fresh water out of thin air

View of one of the test fog collectors set up by the MIT team in Chile, as it gathers water in the white plastic drum.

Researchers in Australia are working on developing a breath test to diagnose malaria, based on concentrations of particular compounds present in the breath of those infected.Featured in This Week in Chemistry.

Researchers have developed an AI system testing a small subset of pictures and was able to predict criminality with an 89.5 percent accuracy. Such technology brings up some ethical and legal questions about its application, joining a long list of concerns AI raises in general.