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This is incredibly important for work or job applications, and this is something that people do from their smartphone as well as their computer. Now that people have multiple email accounts that they access from their iPhone account, there is not one signature that usually works for all accounts. Here is a guide on how to add multiple email signatures to your iPhone email accounts.

How to Make Your iPhone iPad or iPod Touch Speak Out Text

Great step-by-step to accessing read aloud on an iPad or iPod: How to Make Your iPhone iPad or iPod Touch Speak Out Text

Geekbench has tested out the iPhone 5′s processor, and discovered that its A6 is pretty fast. It’s definitely faster than all other iOS devices, even the iPad 3. For instance, the iPhone 5 clocked in with a score of 1601. The iPad 3 averaged in at 766.

The Apple Store app is one of the “must have” first-party free iPhone apps that allow you to keep up with the new products available from Apple.

According to a recent report, Sprint may drop the iPhone 4. What does this mean? No free iPhone under Sprint. During last week’s media event, Apple executives announced that the iPhone 4 would drop to the low, low price of free with a two-year contract. This, according to reports, would mean that there is no free iPhone with an unlimited plan available.

If you’re a developer, or you work with developers to review and test apps, you may have a lot of app provisioning profiles on your iOS device.

Typically, Android grows faster and leads the market, but these past few months were an exception. In reality, it’s just a back and forth between operating systems. It seems like iPhone sales decline about seven months in, and before a new handset is announced. It works that way for Android, too. Handset sales decline until something new and significant is on the market.

Poor T-Mobile. They will be missing out on the iPhone yet again. A leaked internal memo shows that on September 21st, they will be “Selling against the iPhone.” Looks like they will have to compete with the handset.

iBooks is the iOS answer to the e-book phenomenon that is revolutionizing how an entire generation reads.

Sometimes we have to run over to our carrier, or give them a call and ask when you’re eligible for your next iPhone. We know it’s every two years, but most of us don’t remember exactly when we signed up.