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No worries about me not getting a patch in time. My brother came by to see my newborn and gave me one of his. :) - Rob C.

"Aren't you guys like a team or something? Why would you care if he knows?" He scoffed, his hold on my arm by then was less casual and more stronghold. I kept walking beside him, unsure of our destination. "No, we aren't a team. You noticed how competitive we are?" "Yeah." I rolled my eyes. "We take that to the workplace with us. We're competitors in the business. Cage is going to be all over this hit now that I've failed."

Alex Penkala (1924-1945) One of the originals at Camp Toccoa, Georgia, Penkala jumped at D-Day, Operation Market Garden,and the Battle of the Bulge. Alex Penkala was killed in action, just outside the Belgian town, Foy, by German artillery. Sgt "Skip" Muck was in the same foxhole at the time and was also killed.

General William T. Sherman's hat. William Tecumseh Sherman remains inextricably linked with Georgia and the burning of Atlanta. Sherman was a graduate of West Point. His first tour of duty was in Florida in a campaign against the Seminole Indians and later he was an aide during the Mexican War. After a failed attempt at banking, he commanded a military school. During the Civil War he sided with the Union. His first action was in the Battle of First Manassas in July 1861.